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The "WPA Difference"

Redefining Advisor Transition

Courtney Andring (formerly Wells Fargo Advisors)

Courtney discusses her move from Wells Fargo Advisors and her role at WPA.  Large institutions lack flexibility and are slow to adopt change, therefore associates are often fenced into certain job roles which can be limiting. Courtney has felt a new sense of purpose and empowerment since joining WPA which has inspired her to pioneer this process.

Courtney is detail oriented and loves building systems and process that help WPA do all things better, whether transitions or phone trees, Courtney can build a better process. Courtney discloses the reasons they decided to build these processes, the difference she thinks it is making and a few mistakes made along the way.

Learn more about Courtney on her WPA Page: 

Wealth Partners Alliance, LLC (“WPA”) is an independent wealth management organization founded by Financial Advisors and built for Financial Advisors to leverage technology, resources, and strategic partnerships in order to help deliver superior client service and financial outcomes.   


As an independent practice, we provide Financial Advisors with quality wealth platform and practice management tools to deliver optimal results and experiences.    


WPA has set out to develop a business framework for Advisors to distinguish themselves through independent thinking, transparency, and discretion on behalf of their clients.


Founded by like-minded Financial Advisors with over 100 years combined experience at some of the world’s largest banks and wealth management firms, the Founding Partners agree that each client relationship is unique to the Advisor and forged with shared core values of trust and compassion.    


WPA was created on the premise that successful Advisors are those that have the necessary tools, resources and networks at their disposal to diagnose and solve for client’s complex and challenging needs.  


Our value proposition is to provide that of an enhanced culture and a holistic wealth management company led by Advisors on behalf of Advisors, allowing them to do their job independently through a network of shared resources.  

For more information on joining out team please reach out to us at:

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