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Corporate 401(k) & Retirement Plans


OUR TEAM specializes in corporate retirement and works on the forefront of interpreting and analyzing new laws and guidelines regarding corporate retirement plans. 

We partner with professionals who specialize in the benefits industry.  We work with recordkeepers, plan sponsors, benefits advisors and human resource teams to deliver innovative, fiduciary-minded solutions focused on delivering long term results to plan participants.



  • Can you help me understand the cost and fees of our plan?

  • Can you help us with corrective distributions?

  • Why do the funds in my plan have different fees?

  • Can you benchmark my plan against my competitors and peer companies?

  • Can you help our company increase employee engagement in the 401(k) plan?



  • Can you explain my fiduciary responsibilities?

  • Can you train our staff on fiduciary issues?

  • Do we need an Investment Policy Statement?

  • Can you take over certain roles to make my HR team more efficient?

  • What is a co-fiduciary or fiduciary liability insurance?

  • Where are our true exposures?


Brittany Smith, AIF®

Founding Partner, WPA // Wealth Advisor

972.331.1304 //

David McBee, AIF®

Founding Partner, WPA // Wealth Advisor

972.331.1301 //

Garry Schueffler

Partner, WPA // Wealth Advisor

972.331.1314 //

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